Where the Sky Meets the Earth

Inspiration comes from memories and everyday experiences. When I was a child, animals were my constant companions. I humanized them completely, replacing imaginary humanfriends with a fantastic array of animal friends. The rabbits from the series When the Sky Meets the Earth attempt to capture an experience in rural Montana. Several of my pet rabbits broke free of their cages and multiplied. One night, on a full moon, I looked out of my bedroom window to see a whole herd of rabbits in the space between our house and the barn. The moonlight glistened on their backs, illuminating their voluptuous forms and curious ears. When a flock of birds flew over the rabbits, casting fleeting shadows on their backs, it took my breath away. This is one of my earliest memories—I was five or six at the time—and it remains one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. At that moment I saw the place where the sky and the earth meet and I felt a part of a world much larger than I could then, or now, describe with words.